Biden Will Be Subpoenaed If No Compliance

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the new chairman of the House Oversight Committee, spoke with CBS's Catherine Herridge about the Biden classified document scandal on Friday.

Comer explained that the Committee has requested documents and other information in connection with the issue by the White House, including any communications concerning the documents. The chairman also said that they requested the National Archives to provide all documents and correspondence between the Archives, the White House, the Justice Department and the president's lawyers. Comer is demanding replies by Jan. 24.

Comer suggested that it was possible the White House might try to utilize the appointment of an attorney general's special counsel from Attorney General Merrick Garland to obfuscate questions. He claimed that they've not received any responses, from the White House or the National Archives.

However, should they fail to respond to the committee's demands to provide the information, he would immediately issue subpoenas to the White House and the National Archives, however Comer said that he was hopeful that the White House would comply and they won't need to do that. “We'll issue subpoenas, if they don't respond, as soon as we can,” Comer declared.

When Herridge asked Comer what he thought about the documents that were discovered, Comer said to quote Biden, “That's so irresponsible.” Comer stated that he believed that in the near future, they'd require reforming the method through which Vice Presidents and Presidents presidents could remove information in the near future. Comer said that the two situations weren't the same since Trump was President, and Biden was the Vice-President.

Comer was shocked that the National Archives hadn't even complied with their request to provide them with a report on what was discovered. This is pretty absurd considering that they are required to follow the Oversight Committee. He also said that they'd be subpoenaed in the event that they don't, “We need to know how serious these documents were,” Comer declared.

Comer claimed that the White House has not provided an adequate explanation of why they didn't disclose the information in November when they first came forward with the documents discovered-right prior to the election. He suggested that we could never have learned about this scandal if it wasn't due to the news coverage by CBS which exposed the truth about what was happening and that the information was held hidden by Congress and the general public because of the elections.

“It sure looks like the reason they withheld that,” Comer declared. Comer added that he viewed the location in which documents from the Biden classified papers were discovered to be to be a “national security risk.”

It's not only the confidential documents Comer is looking into. He also said that they are still investigating the suspicious activity reports that are provided by the Treasury Department, regarding the investigation into the Bidens and their business transactions.

It is hoped that Comer will take action if they do not comply. The new crop of Republicans seems, at this point, to be willing to go after the Democrats. The reaction of The National Archives tells you everything about the situation right there. They were all over the place shouting about the presidency of Donald Trump, even though the President is entitled to presidential records and the authority to release classified information.

Biden did not have the same authority and that makes his predicament far more dire. Where do you find the National Archives screaming its head off? It's very quiet about all this and hasn't even stepped forward to provide Comer with the information Comer and his Committee have the right to know, as per the Oversight powers. If the Archives aren't rushing to provide information to the Committee, then you know that the information on the documents could be inaccurate.

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