M&M’s New Candy is Female and Undercutting Their Message

The Mars Candy Company, having not learned from the mistakes of countless other instances of disastrous corporate virtue-signaling efforts, is currently running a wacky new campaign. The company believes there is a necessity to increase the number of women at work and, as an outcome, has launched an assortment that contains “female only” M&M's, which comes with their own package. If you're finding yourself sussing out your chocolate coated hands, just be patient.

The main issue is that the company is labeling certain varieties that it makes as “female.” Yes, they've anthropomorphized their color confections to make advertising. Therefore they've got gendered candy. (We could only conclude that this is because the Mars Company employs a number of biologists that can declare this.) In the present time of multi-genderism, this kind of bold statement could result in challenges.

Do you remember the time when the company stated directly the possibility that its two female candies were sharing sweets with the same company?

This effort has solved all of the LGBT problems that the country faces, but now, they are advancing towards another gap that exists in our society. The goal, according to the company , is that they want to “flip” the status quo and have women more actively participate in and be accepted into the fields where they are excluded or under-represented. This campaign is intended to raise money for several pro-female groups and the proceeds from each package sold in the designated package going towards these organizations.

Every dollar of every pack that is bought will go towards supporting females who are flipping the script in creative industries.

It's a little bit of a misfire. The industries targeted for the campaign appear to be the arts and tend to be less patriarchal in their nature. Music and fashion do not typically appear to be only for males. Another job featured on their site is the realm of graffiti art. They say they believe graffiti is predominantly male-dominated; however, it is not about people who are rushing through the streets in the dark at night. Are women actually being restricted from participating in this?

There is another person they spotlight. She's engaged in the art of cakes. It is important to interpret this to be a sign that M&Ms have changed the status of the art by…finding an employee of a woman in a profession that is stereotyped as a women's domain?

But, the firm is also able to undermine its own goal by introducing another paragraph that hints at its motives. In the section that highlights the music company “We Are Moving The Needle,” they outline their mission statement. But then we are confronted with one of the issues that we encounter in our current contemporary, woke society. They also want to be inclusive of people who are not women.

The company is Moving the Needle, a non-profit organization that strives to create an equitable and diverse music industry through empowering women and creating gender-inclusive artists.

Soooo…you are bringing in people from all the other acknowledged genders, which means that you are excluding the women whom you claim to be aiding. It's been a while since Mars/M&M's have gotten its legs out from underneath its own promotion, deciding to accept the non-women and perpetuating the same discrimination they are trying to fight.

Social minefields continue to create traps for people in the name of awakening, yet companies seem to be in a hurry to enter the minefield.

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