Biden Lies and Gaffes at MLK Memorial Service

Joe Biden went to Ebenezer Baptist Church to address a memorial service for the late Dr. Martin Luther King.

Ebenezer Baptist Church is one that MLK used to give sermons at. Now, Senator Raphael Warnock is the pastor, and the church was the subject of rent scandals during the midterm election. However, this didn't stop Biden from attending.

Biden made remarks in honor of MLK. However, Biden being Biden, he was not able to make a statement without lying to his audience. Biden was speaking to a predominantly black audience, so naturally Biden used his old claim that he was involved in the “civil rights movement.”

Biden said, “when I started off as a 22-year-old kid on the east side in the civil rights movement.”

Let's hear about the debunking of that lie by…Joe Biden, in the year 1987, when he was first caught in that shady lie. 

This was not the time and location to exaggerate by giving a political talk, or even to lie about himself

However, Biden didn't stop there. He embellished the lie more, and claimed that he used to go to the “black church” after he attended Catholic Mass each morning.

Is anyone really convinced? The congregation doesn't seem to remember Biden attending when he was a teen. It's no big surprise. Every time he makes a comment like “not a joke,” you're sure to doubt the authenticity of what's next.

This is the most recent “embellishment” of his background that we've seen through the narrative that has Joe Biden being the kindest and open person we've ever seen. Biden lied about his arrest in the attempt to go see Nelson Mandela. He also lied about his upbringing as a member of a Puerto Rican community in Delaware. He said he likely “went to shul” more than a lot of Jews present. This is truly disgusting.

Democrats speak about Rep. George Santos (R-NY), however Santos isn't the most powerful post in the country. Democrats as well as Republicans have criticized Santos and his lying. However, Democrats have stood up for Biden throughout the process and haven't blamed him for his constant lying.

Biden also made a very serious gaffe in his speech at the church, making fun of his name Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, referring to her as “Kejanji – Ketanji Drown Jackson.”

It would be reasonable to believe that Biden could get her name straight. He was the one to nominate her.

Then there was even more completely inappropriate behavior — Biden seemed to spot what appeared to be an innocent girl in the crowd, from his podium, and then asked to take a photo with her before leaving.

Yikes. It's your job to give speeches to honor MLK and not to snoop on girls. What was he up to? It's not entirely clear who he was speaking to but there were several young girls in the direction he was looking.

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