Joe Rogan Calls George Soros a Batman Villain

Podcast host Joe Rogan has an idea about billionaire George Soros, and it's straight from the movies.

On Wednesday's episode of The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), the comedian was joined by the former CIA agent Mike Baker. In the course of the interview, a famous name was mentioned.

“I have had a conversation…about him and (Republican Texas Gov.) Greg Abbott, where he explained to me what George Soros does.”

Joe doesn't like George's reported crime-fighting style:

“[I]t's frightening that he gives money to a progressive, leftist no matter if the person is a DA or some other politician and then he funds another person who's more Left than them to fight against them. And (he) continues to move the ball along. This is, in essence, a global game. He's also enjoying doing it.”

There has certainly been a lot of discussion of the support for Soros. In 2021, The New York Post noted his significant actions:

In the past few years, the billionaire and philanthropist George Soros has been quietly funding a massive revolution in criminal justice reform. He has poured out tens of millions of dollars to candidates for the progressive cause for district attorney races across the United States, amid efforts to end bail and cut funding for the police.

In partnership with an activist attorney, Soros, 91, mostly funnels money through a maze of state and federal politically-focused groups as non-profits from coast to coast, as public records reveal.

His personal investments include Los Angeles DA George Cascon. Last June, RedState's Jennifer Oliver O'Connell offered searing words regarding radically-soft-on-crime Gascon and “illegitimate (media) outlets that gave him rise”:

“This is a disservice to residents who live in Los Angeles County and the victims of crimes who were marginalized and re-victimized as a result of Gascon's policies. They are predominantly females, and mostly people of color. These are the most popular victims of progressives across the country; however, these groups are largely ignored and disregarded because of Gascon's idea of a criminal justice reform.”

On the JRE, the former CIA guy Mike pointed out America's most powerful power centers:

“You know, we often think that being a senator it's the height of achievement. But it's not the case, in fact, it's the DAs and the state-level officials. This is where real change happens and the best place to make changes.”

“Soros”, Mike said, “likes being the puppet master. He enjoys pulling strings, he loves having the power and effect.”

Joe was shocked when he heard:

“That's what's scary. It appears that he is funding corrosion. It's as if he wants the cities to collapse.”

George is a complete Joker:

“He is adamant that crime should flourish. It's like he's a villain in a Batman film.”

Although Joe is often accused of being a right-winger, he isn't. In fact, it's rare that someone not strongly on the Right is seen putting George Soros in a negative image — or even in any light in any way. Are more middle-class people becoming aware of George Soros? This is happening now as Joe persists to defy categorization and exposes his audience to ideas that they might not have heard within their own bubbles. Money is a topic as George Soros has a lot of it. However, whenever Joe Rogan talks, 11 million people tune in.

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