LAPD Bans Thin Blue Line Flag

Last week, the Los Angeles Police Department prohibited the thin blue-line flag from being used in public spaces after the department was notified that it reflected violent and extremist views.

LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore defended his directives which included taking down a screen inside the consulate's main lobby, saying to Fox News Digital,

“Yesterday we received a public complaint about the presence of the Blue Line Flag with the idea that it signified the support of violent extremist opinions, like those expressed by Proud Boys and other groups.

I requested that the flag be removed from the lobby. I directed that the U.S. flag should be prominently displayed in lobby areas whenever it is possible. Memorials to our fallen soldiers are also allowed throughout public spaces.

It's unfortunate that extremists have taken over the use of the ThinBlueLine flag to represent their racist, undemocratic, and bigoted viewpoints.”

Moore stated that he does not necessarily believe that the flag's thin blue line symbolized negative views, describing the flag as an emblem for “the honor, valor, dedication, and sacrifice of law enforcement to protect our communities,” but he said that the station's lobbies must remain “free of political ideology.”

The Los Angeles Police Protective League has criticized the decision, calling it “political pandering”, in an email sent to their members, on the 14th of April:

“It's hard to articulate the degree of disgust and displeasure with Chief Moore's political pandering order to eliminate Thin Blue Line flags and memorials to fallen officers from public spaces in the police station. This directive was an outcome of complaints from anti-police groups, criminal apologists, and other activists who wield an excessive influence over the city's leaders, and our Chief.”

LAPPL tweeted on Twitter that “We will display it proudly and will not let anyone distort the true meaning.”

Moore immediately responded to LAPPL's message the following day:

“I am aware of the frustration that one might feel about this matter, but I also understand the feeling of not having the support of their commitment from my side,” he wrote. “I'm aware that the Los Angeles Police Protection League's (LAPPL) expressed displeasure with my direction. My dedication to you is never-ending every day as I work to safeguard and serve you and the residents in Los Angeles.”

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