Oversight Committee Asks Biden for Visitor Logs and Identities of Aids

This past Saturday, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, wrote an email requesting visitor logs of Biden's Wilmington, Delaware residence. Biden's home is where classified documents were found, according to a statement from the Special Counsel for President Biden.

Certain documents were stored in the garage, and at the very least, one was in a room adjacent to it. The Biden home is another place of storage – the first document was discovered in the offices of a think tank, called the Penn Biden Center, on November 2, 2022; however, the American public was not aware of the scandal until January 2023.

Comer's letter, addressed to Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain, raises questions about who might have had access to sensitive information. Comer wrote:

“It's alarming that classified documents were inappropriately stored at the residence of Biden, for at least six years, prompting questions as to who might have viewed or were privy to classified information.”

Comer has been open regarding the Oversight Committee's highest investigation into Biden's handling of the documents. He said that he's willing to issue subpoenas to National Archives if they didn't follow similar requests. He also demanded internal communication regarding the documents between the Archives and the White House, the Justice Department, and the White House's attorneys.

The Oversight Committee chairman also raises concern about Biden attorneys and aides who don't have security clearances  as they seem to be trying to find and access restricted documents. Comer wrote:

In addition, the personal lawyers of President Biden do not have security clearances, as well as White House staff continue to look into and search the residence of the President located in Wilmington, Delaware for classified documents.

Alongside the visitor's log, the letter also requests all information regarding searches, as well as the identities of the aides involved in the searches. The letter also requests all correspondence regarding those searches, writing:

“All documents and communications relating to the searches conducted at Biden's home(s) and other places by Biden advisers to find classified documents, including but not limited to dates of the searches as well as the identification of the aides.”

Comer has granted Klain until January 30, 2023 to fulfill the request.

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