Hunter Biden’s 2018 Background Check Form Reveals More Falsities That Scream for an Investigation

More questions are being asked concerning Hunter Biden and a form that he purportedly filled out for a background check in 2018.

Miranda Devine tweeted: “In 2018 Hunter Biden claimed he owned the house where Joe Biden kept classified documents alongside his Corvette in the garage Via @jj_talking.”

The public has been examining the form and worrying about what it could mean regarding access to the classified documents that Joe Biden kept for who knows how long at his house in Wilmington, Delaware—in his garage and library. Hunter living in Joe's house could mean that he was able to read the classified files, which implies that any of his associates could have had access to the documents as well.

The form, completed in July 2018, lists Hunter's current address as his father's Wilmington, Delaware, home. Under “current residence,” Hunter states that he paid rent of $49,910 per month from March 2017 until February 2018. Hunter also verified that he “owned” the home.

Hunter's parents, Joe and Jill Biden, are listed as the property's owners; therefore, unless there's an unwritten agreement, Hunter doesn't own the property.

If Hunter claims he was paying rent, that raises questions about why he was paying such a high rent for a house with a rental value of more like $7,600 per month. This would mean that he was paying more than six times the market rent. This inspires many questions regarding the circumstances. In addition, this raises the issue of whether, assuming that's the case, he or Joe Biden noted this on their income-tax returns.

According to the tax returns filed by Joe Biden, however, that rent wasn't included.

Wendell Husebo explained on Twitter: 

“Hunter Biden claimed in 2018 he paid over $49K per month in rent while living at his dad’s Delaware house.

“Joe Biden's 2017 tax return on Schedule E only listed $19,800 in ‘rents received.’ In 2018, Biden listed no rents received.”

However, while some are reading the form and interpreting it as rent for Joe's house, the New York Post's Miranda Devine clarifies that at the time, in February 2017, Hunter Biden was paying about $50,000 per quarter in rent for his office in the House of Sweden.

“This was for Hunter Biden's application for an apartment in a hip Hollywood complex he was desperate to get into,” Devine says. “Big-noting by falsely claiming to own dad’s house in DE. The rent may refer to the $50k rent he paid for his office at House of Sweden.”

It appears that Hunter wasn't being honest with what he stated on the form with regards to the apartment, claiming that he was paying rent for his father's house and/or that he owned the property. If there was no agreement in writing, that's obviously not the case—he does not own the house. If he was paying rent not for the house but for his office, he was certainly not clear on that, at least not on the form. The form declares that he was paying the rent each month, not every quarter, which makes it distinct from the office rent, too.

Whatever the case, it's a good addition to all the other issues calling for an investigation to find out what really happened and the impact it had on Joe Biden.

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