President Biden’s Advice to the Police Evidences His Lack of Knowledge Regarding Firearms and How to Use Them

It is easy to identify a person who is completely uninformed about firearms and how to utilize them. One method is to listen to him or her talk about how the police should use their guns in a non-lethal way.

There's a good chance you've heard someone you know or, at the very least, someone on the internet say that police shouldn't shoot to kill people when they pull out their guns. They should instead injure their “victims” by striking a leg or arm. The ignorant members of this crowd will ask, “Why not just shoot the gun out of the criminal's hand?”

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, is apparently one of them. In his address at the National Action Network's Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast in Washington, the “leader” of the free world decided to comment on the local police force and how they handle situations in which guns are required.

“We have to retrain cops,” Biden said. “Why should you always shoot with deadly force? The fact is if you need to use your weapon, you don’t have to do that.”


In the first place, getting shot in the leg or arm does not guarantee that the victim will survive being shot. Acutely hitting an artery is an effective way to let blood flow out too rapidly if help does not arrive quickly enough.

It's evident that Biden and others like him have seen several action films. In movies with shooting scenes, the talented gunman has a constant grim but not indifferent expression while he fires at the extremities of his opponents, rendering them powerless and allowing him to gather the information he requires. In spite of the chaos, the gunman does not lose his cool, and his aim is always on target.

In the real world, adrenaline rushes through the body, putting the brain into the mode of fight or flight. Hands may become unstable and shaky, making the aiming of one's gun less accurate. Even if the person who is holding the weapon is in a steady position and shooting as accurately as they can in high-risk circumstances, the target could be moving fast or shooting back, rendering the shooter's aim less precise.

The act of hitting a limb involves risk, and the odds aren't in favor of the person who shoots. The shot will miss or hit somewhere else on the person's body.

That's why police are taught to shoot at center mass when they are relying on deadly force. They're not trained to shoot to wound but to kill. Anything else is a risk to his or her life as a police officer and to anyone standing behind the target.

Biden evidently doesn't know this because he, as well as many anti-gun Democrats, is a novice with little or no knowledge of firearms. Biden has had all of his security needs taken care of. He moralizes about what those who defend us all day long should do in situations he's never and never will be in.

This is another instance of a Democrat virtue signaling in ignorance while allowing those who are smarter to be put at risk.

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