Iowa Catholic Diocese’s New “Gender Identity” Policies Elicit Predictable Leftist Response While Setting an Example to Follow

In an act that sent leftists spinning all over the world, it was revealed that the Des Moines Catholic Diocese recently announced a number of “gender identity” policies that took a hammer to ridiculous woke concepts such as preferred pronouns, cross-dressing, puberty blockers, and more. Its “binding” rules apply across the diocese, which has 17 schools, 80 parishes, and more than 100,000 members. It is overseen by Bishop William Joensen.

The new guidelines are the outcome of the numerous questions that were asked of Bishop Joensen on how Catholics should respond to the radical transgender agenda that is being forced upon families every day. It required “two years of study, prayer, listening, and consulting” to come up with a plan “that provides a comprehensive explanation of how to interpret and apply Catholic principles to daily life within our faith communities and schools.”

Included in the guidelines offered: “Respect for creation includes respect for one's biological sex”; “The human person is a body-soul union, and the body—as created male or female—is an essential aspect of the human person”; also, “The mystery of human sexuality as a key component of personal identity is received as a gift created by God that we are not authorized to seek to change.” Additionally, the first rule states the following: “No person may designate a ‘preferred pronoun' in speech or in writing when related to ministry activities of any kind,” including the diocese’s schools.

This kind of rational and sane approach is required in communities across America, which are continually under attack by a lobby that demands respect for “values” while failing to offer anything in return. The transgender lobby is brutal, crude, and devoid of morals; however, the Des Moines Catholic Diocese encouraged its members to “be welcoming and accompany families and individuals experiencing gender dysphoria with compassion and courage, patiently supporting them in their life journey.” This is known as grace.

Grace, however, was not bestowed on the diocese by leftists, who were furious because their plan was clearly and completely dismissed. One lawmaker representing Iowa, Democratic State Senator Claire Celsi, was apoplectic and posted on Facebook with fury, writing, “This is not what Jesus would do.”

It's a joy when the leftists, with their vocal and proud support of abortion, claim to have any idea what Jesus would do. If they were to go through the Bible every once in a while, they'd learn what exactly Jesus would do, and it's not even close to the extremism that the Claire Celsi-type people of this world live out every day.

Another leftist with a moral compass known as Courtney Reyes, who is the executive director of the LGBTQ+ group One Iowa, was also furious, saying, “You cannot pretend to be compassionate while misgendering people and denying them access to any and all spaces under your control.”

The left continues to try but continues to fail to stand on its moral high ground. It's not possible to support the murder of unborn babies one day and then demand respect for your radical gender nonsense the next. You can't expect moral, rational people to consider you to be a serious person. 

The new rules implemented by the Des Moines Catholic Diocese set an example for those who support a strict but compassionate approach to gender-related issues. These rules recognize the humanity of those suffering from these issues while encouraging them to stick to Catholic theology. Leftists could benefit from the Catholic Church’s way of handling the situation if they took the time to turn off their anger and simply pay attention.

Joe Biden, the world's “most committed” Catholic, was not available for comment.

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