Joe Biden’s Recently Unearthed Mishandling of Classified Documents Is Nothing New for Him

President Joe Biden's scandal over classified documents has been ablaze over the last week, with documents discovered in three different locations, including in his garage near his Corvette.

This isn't the first time Joe Biden has found himself in trouble for mishandling classified documents.

Greg Burton, a reporter for the Arizona Republic, revealed an earlier incident during which Biden left classified documents scattered around, exposing them to the public and the media.

In 2010, Burton was at Biden's vice-presidential office in the White House to interview Biden about the financial crisis of the time.

However, during the interview, Burton spotted a “Top Secret” document on a table in the office. As per PJ Media:

“‘The red warning on the cover caught my attention, but my eyes drifted to the then-vice president’s keepsakes, a leather binder and photos of Jill, Beau, Hunter, Ashley and Champ,’ recalls Burton. He reflects that the document might have contained anything from ‘launch codes’ to ‘spy games and terrorism cells,’ for all he knows.

“Burton was one of several reporters and photographers who had been cleared to interview Biden in his office that day. Jay Carney, who became Obama’s press secretary not long afterward, was Biden’s director of communications at the time and was also in the room.

“Biden discussed the Troubled Asset Relief Program and posed for pictures. After an hour and a half, his press secretary, Elizabeth Alexander, drew the interview to a close. Biden waved over one of the photographers with whom he was friendly for a few more snaps, then the group trooped out of the office. That’s when the action took place.”

The red cover is akin to “Top Secret.”

Burton stated that Carney later realized they'd seen the document and that one of them [namely Joe Biden] had screwed up. They rushed over to Burton and the photographer.

“Carney demanded Fred’s camera.

“We said no.

“A few tense minutes later, we struck a deal: Fred deleted the offending images. I did not delete the tape but would not publish what I recorded.

“And that classified document on Joe’s desk that day?

“Could be in Wilmington.”

It's obvious that this could have been a huge problem. We don’t know what the other reporters who interviewed Joe Biden that day gleaned from him. This was Joe Biden, perfectly consistent with the Joe Biden whom we're now witnessing with classified documents scattered across at least three different locations.

What happened to the classified document that was never meant to be made public so that everybody could read it and was instead meant to be kept in a secure room? Has it ever been returned to the place where it was supposed to be? Or could it possibly be one of those documents that somehow ended up in Wilmington or the Penn Biden Center?

Biden made a statement regarding President Donald Trump being “irresponsible” with classified documents, even when they were kept in a vault and protected by the Secret Service. Talk about projection. Biden is everything he has accused Trump of being and more.

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