Richard Dreyfuss Explains to Glenn Beck That He Left Hollywood to Pursue a Quest, Led by His Love for His Country

One thing that's difficult to find in Hollywood is honesty from actors.

When we do witness it, it is likely to be touching. This was evident during the acceptance speech of Ke Huy Quan when he was awarded Best Supporting Actor in a Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes Awards. We heard it from Brendan Fraser at the Critics Choice Awards. They were both extremely grateful that after so long “in the wilderness,” they had the opportunity to restart their careers and demonstrate their skills through these roles in which they had excelled.

However, Richard Dreyfuss is showing us even more with his current search for fulfillment. Perhaps it's because, even though he worked in Hollywood, he wasn't “of Hollywood.” This man we have watched in a lot of films, this actor who enjoyed a very fulfilling career, it's reasonable to say–from Jaws to Mr. Holland's Opus and everything in between–has a quest.

It’s not to get people to watch him perform again. He's stopped acting. His quest is to prompt people to really see America again, to appreciate the gifts we've been blessed with by this particular benefit of being an American, to appreciate our Constitution, and to learn about civics so that we understand what we've been given and what we should protect.

Dreyfuss told Glenn Beck during a lengthy interview that we have to get children excited about “those values.” However, “they have been gone from the curriculum for fifty years.” Dreyfuss pointed out the inability to teach these foundational documents. “That's the core problem,” Dreyfuss claimed. “They have no idea about the Constitution, they have no idea about the Bill of Rights. None.”

Dreyfuss has a new book out titled One Thought Scares Me. What's the thought that scares him? “We teach our children what we wish them to know, we don't teach them what we don't wish them to know.” “It meant that they’ve taken it out. They’ve taken civics out because we don’t want you to be a participating citizen.”

In fact, they want us to accept whatever the narrative of the day is while not knowing our rights or the principles on which our country is based, allowing them to easily influence us. If you are wondering why children grow up and become averse to the United States, this is a major component. It's not only the influence of college professors who indoctrinate their students but also the inability to understand the foundations on which our nation is built, starting with grade-school and high-school curricula.

Dreyfuss declared, “I’d given up something I loved, and had loved since I was nine years old [acting], only for something else I loved as much—which was saving my country. And I firmly believe if we don’t revive the study of civics, we will be dead before 2050.”

“Long before,” Beck interrupted.

“We'll have the same name, and it will be a nightmare,” Dreyfuss declared.

“I had led a blessed life. And I gave it up. For a blessed life,” Dreyfuss continued. “It infuriates me that people don’t understand what this place means, what an advance on human progress this country is all about. And how quickly we can abandon it, without, without a second thought.”

This is an unsettling thought. However, it's also uplifting and encouraging to think that this man is on a clear path, one that we should all follow to stop the corruption and bring our country back.

It's possible that we recall Richard Dreyfuss mostly for his role in Jaws, but what an amazing quest he's committed to for the good of all of us!

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