ANTIFA Attacts Police in Atlanta

The leftist extremists demanded a “night of rage” Friday night in reaction to the death of radical protester Manuel Teran. Teran was shot at the scene in Atlanta, Georgia, after a police officer was shot by him, when police arrived to “clear” the leftist occupation of an area that was being constructed to become a police training center.

Their demands for a “night of rage” seemed to be ineffective on Friday as there was no violence, despite the occasional “vigils” here and there, there was not any violence or ad hominem attacks on police in the United States as they had hoped for.

On Saturday, they tried to translate some of their violence into action against police officers in Atlanta. They marched first with signs, one of which read, “They can't kill us all.” Are they all planning to fire at police?

A few members broke off and began to attack the Atlanta Police Foundation with rocks and fireworks. Graffiti was also painted onto the structure.

The radicals attacked police vehicles and set one on fire.

Source: Fox News:

“Atlanta Police officers have responded to a group damaging property at several locations along Peachtree [Street],” the Atlanta PD said in a statement on Saturday, as reported by Fox 5. A number of arrests have been taken at the moment and the order was reinstated to the downtown area. It is an ongoing and active investigation. We will not be able to provide details about arrest numbers or properties damaged, as of this moment.”

One arrested woman declares that she “can't breathe,” even while standing and nobody is stopping the woman from breathing.

She's read a lot of left-wing talking points. 

In the meantime, police released a photo of the gun Teran is believed to have used to shoot the officer.

However, facts aren't important in the eyes of Antifa or the militant “forest defenders” — they believe they're right and their actions are justifiable.

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