Classified Documents from Biden’s Home Expose Scandal

As RedState said, the news cycle was slow and exaggerated on Saturday when it was revealed that a DOJ investigation into Joe Biden's house had revealed six additional classified documents. This comes just following that the White House had asserted that the search was complete

Biden's lawyers quickly tried to stay ahead of the scandal and released statements claiming they were cooperating with the DOJ. While the administration continues to speak about transparency, shocking information from the investigation has exposed the president's lies. Particularly, the fact that the documents found were taken during Biden's time in the Senate.

To say that this is a major change would be an overstatement. Since the beginning of the whole scandal, Biden and his aides as well as a particularly combative Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly claimed that it was one big mistake. According to them, certain classified briefings, such as those that were drafted by the president, simply ended up in boxes while Biden's vice president's office was being cleaned. These documents were not known, they were split and moved to different locations, getting transferred multiple times during the process.

With as little logic as the claims presented before the report showed, it's now revealed to be a clear falsehood. Documents from the Senate era mean that Biden obtained them, was aware of the documents, and then kept the documents. There's no other possible way for them to have been at his house in Wilmington, DE.

A senator should not be able to find classified documents lying in their office. There are strict protocols at Capitol Hill, and everything should be kept to an SCIF (a security-grade viewing space). Although it is possible to claim that it's not uncommon for a vice-president to keep classified information in their office, there's no question that it's not the same for senators.

This raises a lot of questions that are important to answer, most important of them all is why exactly Biden was able to get those documents in the first place? Did he dump them in his pants? Did he just take the documents and put them in front of him and not one of the officials responsible for protecting them asked to speak with him? What made him take these documents? What was the reason he kept the documents at his house at Delaware for such a long time? What were the contents of the documents and did they bring any personal benefit to Biden?

The latest revelation by the DOJ has blown the scandal wide open. The White House can no longer dismiss concerns by declaring that this was an accident. It is clear that there was a plan to preserve these documents, however, having intention isn't necessary to make it an offense. Furthermore, Biden has been lying his way through when he claims that he did not know about the documents, or even the contents of them.

Monday will be a busy morning for news coverage of the Administration. If Karine Jean-Pierre isn't holding an informational meeting, you'll know that things are bad. Keep an eye on the news.

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