Florida Rains on Pro Abortion Parade

It seemed everything was all going according to plan for Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday. \

The motorcade of VIPs seemed to depart without a hitch.

Harris visited the Florida capital for a pro-abortion protest this past Sunday, which marked the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade decision in which she was scheduled to address the crowd. Actually, Planned Parenthood boasted about Harris' presence on their website as reported by The Tallahassee Democrat.

Planned Parenthood posted to its website that “we've kept the details quiet [sic] for a while, but we'll be joined by VP Harris at the “Bigger Than Roe: National Day of Action” abortion rights march, which is organized through Women's March.”

“Fifty years have passed since Roe V. Wade, but a radical right-wing movement took over our Courts and ended the federal protections against abortions. However, as the battle shifts towards the States, the States will come to discover that the vast majority of Americans across all States support the right to abortion as do women who will stand up for our rights and life,” stated Rachel Carmona the executive director of Women's March, in a prepared statement.

The time and place of the march are indicated as TBD

Was there something wrong in the VP's pro-abortion protest? According to Florida's Voice, the march was not a good idea for the state Capitol as well as Florida State University (FSU) in the following tweets on Twitter this Saturday:

“JUST IN: Vice president Kamala Harris will have to stage her pro-choice rallies in a private home after being denied at FSU and the Florida Capitol and FSU, sources have said.”

It continues:

“Harris originally planned to host an event in Tallahassee with an address ‘on the fight for women across America to have access to reproductive care’”

Sources have told the Florida's Voice she arrived in the city late that evening.

“Officials from the press have not provided details about the vice-president's nighttime plans, however Harris has been scheduled to appear Sunday night at The Moon. Harris' remarks will take place on the occasion of Roe v. Wade, an important abortion case.”

A revision to the original story states “There has been no information released about how interested members of the public can attend the speech at the Moon.”

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