Covid Response Chief To Replace Biden Chief of Staff

As reports surface of Ron Klain, Chief of Staff and Chief Retweeter of the White House, is on his way out, the Biden Administration seems to be taking action quickly to replace him.

According to various reports, the White House is preparing to select Jeff Zients as Klain's replacement.

Zients was, among his other posts, the leader of Biden's coronavirus response group and then returned back to his post at the White House after the midterms to help with the staffing changes, as per The Washington Post.

Zients quit his position at the White House in April after managing the administration's response to pandemics and directing the biggest vaccination program to date in U.S. history. Zients came back to the White House in the fall to assist Klain prepare for the possibility of staff changes following the midterm elections -which was ultimately narrow in scope because only a handful of top staff members have been let go across the administration.

However, in recent months, Klain has assigned him several projects, which many believed were preparation for Zients to take the role of the highest rank. People who have been familiar with the arrangement claimed that they spoke on the condition that they remain anonymous to discuss matters of personnel.

Klain is set to leave within the next few weeks following the State of the Union speech on February 7 and is the first significant resignation from Biden's inner circle.

However, there are some Democrats who might not be happy with the decision, since they were hoping Biden would defy tradition and select a woman to fill a position that has been traditionally held by males.

As Biden intensifies his political activities, Biden aides said they expect the structure of his chief of staff to shift as Biden's political advisors, which include Anita Dunn, Jen O'Malley Dillon, and Mike Donilon, take on greater prominence in the office.

Zients hasn't got the extensive political experience Klain is able to boast – he's been in the political arena since the Obama times. However, he's also spent considerable experience working at work in the commercial sector.

Biden is facing an unpopular Congress and has to get through a variety of crises, both personal and financial. Recently Biden's administration has been confronted with the scandal of a classified document which just won't end.

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