Ithaca College Offers Transgender Student Dorm

The college dorm environment is intriguing as it exposes young adults to all kinds of people. Some students want not to be part of the group that aren't like them. If they attend a school on the East Coast, some won't need to be.

In New York's Ithaca College, a specialized housing program has been developed. In 1892, the college was keeping up with the modern times. This is why it has its “Open Pages” residential community. 

If you're not “cisgender,” you'll be perfectly at home in this 20 bed facility.


“Open Pages is a transgender and non-binary RLC (Residence Learning Community). The aim of Open Pages is to provide an inclusive environment for non-cis students to establish a welcoming community on campus that is composed of students with an experience that is shared.”

Ithaca additionally has a procedure through which people who identify as the opposite of their sexuality – or as bird gender, cake gender, or another Neogenders — can be put into a shared space:

This community is not a replacement for the Transgender and Nonbinary Housing Accommodation process, however, it offers an attractive alternative for residents who are not cisgender to be part of this community.

Open Pages has “learning goals”:

“Create a welcoming and meaningful transgender community through your peers, peer leaders and faculty”

“Provide students with opportunities to talk about identities, privileges and oppression in relation to gender.”

“Assist in preparing students for success in school.”

Located in the West Tower, Open Pages has a “floor lounge” and single-use restrooms. It is also located in close proximity to its “LGBTQ+ Office in (the) Towers Concours.”

Students who wish to live in a place where there are no transgender trods can apply for housing through this Housing Portal.

Ithaca surely isn't the only one offering laser-focused life.

Examples of this:

“NYU Student Group Petitions for Black-Only Housing to ‘Let' them Feel Like They Are Included'”

“Another university commission has race-specific housing”

“The spaces are becoming more secure and friendly all the time”

“Students at universities want more LGBT-friendly Support — Counseling as well as safe spaces and a Relaxation Room Don't Have Enough”

“The Christian University's Residence Hall Gets ‘We're Here! We're Queer!' LGBT Mural”

As the division in the United States expands and we are forced to our own areas, college is – it appears – a complete opposite from what it was once. Prior to that, the secondary school experiences introduced students to the latest ideas. Today, the concept is now viewed as problematic. Many of America's upcoming leaders prefer to stay within the same spheres. What happens if growth is possible? It's not so likely. However, transgender people are raised in a gender-neutral world. Perhaps Ithaca's breakthrough in 20 beds can help them overcome heteronormativity as well as other ills of the traditional.

What happens when they are out in the world of work? In the future we don't know, certain businesses will be divided by race and ethnicity, as well. It's called a national policy.

In the corporate offices of the future, perhaps even birds will have their own wings.

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