Monterey Park Shooting Suspect Dead

On Sunday, officials from Los Angeles County released an image of a man who is suspected of murdering 10 people and injuring 10 others within Monterey Park, and Sheriff Robert Luna confirmed in a later press conference that he believes that the shooting as well as the incident that occurred immediately following in Alhambra are linked.

The man is said to be between 30-50 years old, roughly five feet 10 inches in height and carrying around 150 pounds. The man was last seen in an all-black leather jacket and beanie.

Additionally, Luna said that a barricade that was in the process of being constructed 30 miles from Torrance was believed to be linked. In the previous press conference, Luna reported that the suspect in the Alhambra shot-related incident fled in a van and declared it to be “a van of interest.” Then, police in Torrance put a box on the white cargo van that was found in a parking lot close to Del Amo Fashion Center. SWAT teams as well as other tactical units were surrounded for over an hour before entering. 

Witnesses at the scene claim that the driver died from a self-inflicted gunshot. The driver's condition is not verified by the authorities at the moment.

Additionally, at the time of writing, there was a standoff that was unfolding approximately five blocks away from the initial standoff, involving a White cargo vehicle.

At the press conference Luna was unable to provide further details about the state or the location of those injured during the shootout. He stated that, following the press conference at which the names of hospital patients were disclosed, the hospital was contacted by someone naming one of the victims, and stating they would “finish the job.”

Luna added that authorities haven't determined the number of people are responsible for the incidents.

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