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    Kennedy Traps ‘Wild-Eyed Leftist’ Biden Judicial Nominee in Yuuge Lie

    Today’s lesson: Don’t mess with John Kennedy. No, really. Obviously, nobody warned Biden judicial nominee Dale Ho. Actually, they should have warned him that two of the Republican senators he’d be facing at his confirmation hearing on Wednesday for the Manhattan Federal District Court would be Louisiana’s John Kennedy and Texas’ Ted Cruz — not […] More

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    ‘Good Morning America’ Issues a COVID PSA About ‘Pregnant People’

    Good Morning America has news, and it might just save a life. The TV titan has taken to YouTube over COVID’s threat to people. In harm’s way: the child-bearing kind. The PSA repeatedly references pregnancy, but a provocative peculiarity persists. A collection of quotes: COVID-19 and pregnant people — what do you need to know? […] More

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    NY Governor Jumps the Gun by Declaring a State of Emergency

    Ron Adar / Kathy Hochul, New York’s newest governor, has decided that she liked the uber-liberal way that Andrew Cuomo ran the state. So, she’s decided that lockdowns, hoarding supplies, and more sound like a great idea. There’s just one problem: she can’t do any of that unless she declares a state of emergency. […] More

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    Drive-by Robberies Becoming a Common Occurrence in Liberal Land

    By lev radin/ The Democratic Party has crippled law enforcement in the state of Minnesota. Their sadistic attempts to defund the police and not support the officers when they show up on a scene have led to people invading stores and taking whatever they want without fear of being confronted by the police. Shop owners […] More

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    BREAKING: Omicron Will Melt Your Face Off!

    Not really but…PANIC just the same. Omicron is here! The new COVID variant may have been in Europe first, weeks ago. No reports of melted faces in Europe (likely the result of white privilege) but doctors in South Africa reported finding the variant. Those reports that South Africa caused countries around the globe to go […] More

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    Yikes: Overtly Political CIA and DOJ Covered up Deep State Child Sex Crimes

    Just in case your trust in the CIA and other aspects of the intelligence community hadn’t already fully dissipated, I think this latest story might do the trick. According to Buzzfeed, almost a dozen CIA employees were caught committing sex crimes, including against children, and were never properly brought to justice. The DOJ, even when […] More

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