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    Sen. Raphael Warnock Proclaims Republicans Are ‘Anti-American’

    Michael Scott Milner/ American politicians have been slinging mud from one side to the other for years. Part of that comes not just from direct candidate-vs-candidate targeted attacks, but instead is widespread and targeted at a whole demographic all at once. Most recently in 2020 now President Biden told a radio host “You ain’t black” […] More

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    Ron DeSantis’s Office Debunks Rumors Of Infighting With Trump

    Gov. Ron DeSantis’s office (R) on Friday denied rumors that infighting occurred between former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Rick Scott. They called them “baseless stories” and “merely attempts of corporate media activists to distract attention from the failures of the Biden administration.” Establishment media outlets have circulated rumors about infighting between two Republicans over […] More

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    The Church of COVID Comes for Ron DeSantis

    The church of COVID continues to grow in stature among hypochondriacs and otherwise left-leaning individuals across our great land. In practice, that means you must don the sacred mask, receive as many boosters as the government will allow, and any mention of the vaccines in anything other than a glorious light is forbidden. As RedState […] More

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    Russia Sets the Stage for 21st Century Cuban Missile Crisis

    Frederic Legrand – COMEO/ Thanks to Democratic President Joe Biden, the United States has become a laughing stock and a pushover over the last year. And nothing proves that more than recent foreign relationships with nations such as China and Russia. Russia, in particular, seems to think they can start making demands of the US […] More

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